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Callanish Ceilidh dance

Q: Can we come and see the band?

A: We regularly hold organised showcases for the band at our studio in Leith. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our events team to find out more about our next showcase and ticket availability.

Q: How long do you play for?

A: This depends on the kind of event you are planning. For a wedding, the usual set is 8pm till midnight with one half hour break during the evening buffet. For other events, the timings are flexible but the band will play for no more than 3.5 hours in total.

Q: What if I want the band to play after midnight?

A: As per Musicians Union rates, if the band are to play after midnight the rate will increase to time and a half. Also, the same applies for duration of playing time, Callanish will play no more than 3.5 hours of live music in one event.

Q: What’s the band line up?

A: The standard band is a five-piece consisiting of female vocalist, guitar, bass, fiddle and drums. A sound engineer is also provided. We have alternative packages available 6,7,8 piece. Contact our Events Team to discuss.

Q: What kind of music do you play?

A: Callanish have an impressive setlist ranging from original celtic through rock n roll, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, current, country, Irish, we can also do themed nights. See our songlist.

Q: How long does it take to set up?

A: With a standard 5 piece, we require roughly one hour to set up and sound check. We can do an early set up if this suits you better. Allow more time for larger bands with addional production i.e. lighting.

Q: Will you learn a first dance song for us?

A: If the song you want isn’t on our setlist we are more than happy to learn a first dance song or a particular request, just give us plenty of notice.

Q: Can my friend/family member sing/perform a song with the band?

A: Of course they can, let us know what song they want to perform before hand and we can welcome them up on stage!

Q: Can you supply background music?

A: All our bands are equipped with laptops containing the ideal mix of music prior to performance or during the breaks.

Q: What if we don’t have a stage or the performance area is small?

A: Don’t worry, if you have concerns about the peformance area we will gladly visit your venue. We have played most venues in Scotland.

Q: Do the band expect refreshments/food?

A: Refreshments are greatly appreciated. If we have done an early set up or had a long travelling time it would be expected.

Q: How far will Callanish travel?

A: We will play all over the UK and abroad. Contact our Events Manager to discuss your location. We have fly-away packages to suit. See our overseas page.

Q: How do I confirm my booking?

A: All we need is a booking fee of £300 to secure your booking. We accept cash or cheques made payable to Banana Row Ltd. (Remember to write your name and the date and venue of your event). See contact page for more details.

Q: What if someone in the band is ill?

A: Callanish is a collective of professional musicians who must be of a very high standard before they can play with Callanish. If a member of Callanish can not make an event due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, we have replacements who will stand in for them.

Q: Do we need a sound engineer?

A: We provide one of our top sound engineers for every event. They will help to make the music sound even better and deal with any sound issues i.e. volume.

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